North Country Cheviot Sheep - Maloy Valley Farm

Maloy Valley Farm is located in beautiful Highland County in the heart of Virginia's Allegheny Highlands.  Mike and Priscilla Maloy raise North Country Cheviot Sheep and Dexter Cattle on the farm which has been operated by the family for well over a century.   The farm lies in a cool climate with lush summer pastures and cold, often harsh, winter conditions.  Livestock raised on our farm are required to possess the ability to thrive on a forage based feed system.   Put simply, grass pasture during summer months and hay during the winter months is the norm.   Feeding of grain supplements is minimized.

Our North Country Cheviot Sheep flock has been raised with a primary focus of producing sheep that will benefit the sheep industry.  The North Country Cheviot possesses breed characteristics that can benefit any commercial sheep operation.  They are prolific, hardy animals that can thrive on a forage based feed system with minimal support.   These sheep originated and flourished in the harsh hill country of Scotland and still possess the same survival traits today.  Commercial sheep producers across the country have purchased seedstock from our flock to add cross-breeding vigor to their sheep.   Likewise our sheep have been sought by purebred breeders to enhance genetics within their flocks.

Dexter Cattle are also raised on the farm.  A heritage breed of cattle originating from Ireland, the Dexter is well known for their ability to generate marbled meat from grass pasture making them the optimum choice for grass fed beef.  They are a small frame breed that efficiently converts grass feed to meat with cows weighing approximately 750-800 pounds and bulls weighing 900-1100 pounds. They are also extremely docile and easy to handle.    

Priscilla along with our daughter Cass utilize wool from our sheep to create felted fiber art and accessories.  The wool is cleaned, carded and dyed on the farm.  Felting techniques are used to create wool paintings, earrings, purses, and sculptures.  Priscilla's creations generate a high level of satisfaction for her as she is able to utilize our North Country's amazing wool to create truly unique pieces of art.   

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