Dexter cattle originated from Ireland and were initially utilized on small homesteads.  They are considered the ideal "family cow".  Their smaller size enables them to be efficient at converting forage feed into meat.  Dexters represent an optimum choice for grass fed beef as their meat possesses marbling from grass alone.  The Dexter is also considered a dual purpose breed and can be used for both beef and milk production.  The Dexter is the smallest of the European cattle breeds with cows weighing approximately 750-850 pounds and bulls weighing  900-1100 pounds.   They are an extremely docile breed and are easy to handle. 

Dexter cows are known for their calving ease and their exceptional mothering ability.  The breed consists of both polled and horned animals that come in three colors described as red, black and dunn. 

​Maloy Valley Farm raises purebred Dexter Cattle and is a member of the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America.

Dexter steer calf at 5 months of age.  This calf is an excellent example of the beefy body type of our grass fed Dexter cattle.

First calf black horned heifer with new polled red calf minutes after birth.

Our 2018 Dexter calves at 6 months of age.

Our red polled dexter bull at 21 months of age during his first breeding season.  

First calf black polled heifer with new polled red calf.

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